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Influencer Relations

New media, new target groups: On the Internet, journalists have lost their monopoly as the sole producers of informative content. In many wide-reaching professional and personal blogs they publish, discuss and comment. From food bloggers to fashion bloggers to tech bloggers - each industry has a large number of publishers in its own right. With the help of these "authentic authors", your company can also be communicated with a wide reach. Bloggers generally enjoy great trust. The credibility of the recommended products or brands is significantly higher than with common forms of advertising. The influence that experienced bloggers now have is shown, for example, by the fact that even classic media refer to blogs or quote from them.

Talk to us. We support you in building sustainable relationships with important opinion makers on the Internet. To do this, we identify the respective influencing factors that suit your company and bring you together with the decisive influencers. Furthermore, we advise you strategically and develop ideas for a joint cooperation with these multipliers. From exclusive blogger events to creative, long-term campaigns - we take care of the conception, choice of topics and planning for you. We can draw on many years of experience and a broad network of bloggers. We actively engage with the blogger scene as well as opinion leaders on the net and are always up to date. Due to their affinity to social networks, bloggers can achieve a rapid spread on Facebook, Twitter & Co as well as on their blog itself and, due to their trend barometer status, achieve an enormous recommendation rate.