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New media, new target groups: Journalists have lost their monopoly for informative content on the Internet. Now there are heaps of technical and popular blogs publishing content to a large audience and provoking lively discussions and interaction. From foodies and fashionistas to self-confessed techies – each industry is home to a large number of independent bloggers. These authentic authors can also get your company’s message across to a strong community. Communities tend to have a lot of faith in their bloggers. The credibility of the product or brand endorsements is significantly higher than with other standard advertising forms. Even classic media link to or quote blogs, which merely underlines the influence that experienced bloggers now hold.


Talk to us. We can help you to build lasting relationships with important opinion-leaders on the Internet. To do this, we identify the factors that are particularly important to your company and bring you together with precisely the right influencers. We also offer you strategic advice and develop ideas for future collaboration with these publishers. From exclusive blogger events through to creative, long-term campaigns – we deal with the concept, topic selection and planning. We have a longstanding and broad network of bloggers at our disposal. We are constantly sifting the Internet blogger and influencer scene and are always up-to-date. Bloggers are avid users of social media as well, so they quickly achieve significant range on Facebook, Twitter & co as well as on their blogs, achieving immense endorsement rates thanks to their status as trend barometers.