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There’s no second chance to make a first impression: This is true of our private and professional lives alike. The way you appear in front of the camera, during interviews or when liaising with media representatives gives you the opportunity to communicate key messages and lends your company a face. It all comes down to cultivating a competent, confident and likeable manner. Journalists are adept at leaving you rattled, especially in sensitive areas. Targeted training is the easiest way to learn how to respond well and remain authentic, keeping you calm, collected and completely in control, even when facing critical journalists. There are sheer endless ways to get your message across in the age of media like web TV, YouTube or podcasts. But this variety comes with its pitfalls as well. It’s certainly wise to consider the worst-case scenario and to prepare for dicey situations, especially when a crisis hits. After all, there’s barely an opportunity for off-the-cuff, professional responses if the crisis has already arrived.


Make your mark in TV interviews, when meeting the press or giving statements for the radio. The way you appear presents your company to a wider audience and allows you to show credibility when interacting with your target group. The tailored advice we provide – along with practice interviews, the development of smoothly worded statements and the acquisition of winning body language – teaches you how to meet the media. This will help you formulate precisely the right throwaway statement in newspaper interviews, deliver key messages and convey emotion when speaking on the radio or exude charisma and a vivacious manner when appearing on TV. You acquire the confidence you need to handle journalists in any situation and communicate your message in an interesting and accessible way.


From clients in the logistics sector to VIPs – we have shown a variety of clients how to meet the media. Nevertheless, discretion is the better part of valor in this area. So we’d prefer to refrain from releasing details of precisely whom we have in our portfolio. Just contact us: We’d be delighted to offer our advice.