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Media training

There is no second chance for the first impression: This applies in private as well as in business. By appearing in front of the camera, in interviews or to press spokesmen, you give your company a face and can convey important key messages. A competent, confident and likeable appearance is essential. Journalists can quickly lead you onto the ice, especially when it comes to critical topics. Having good answers at hand and staying authentic is no longer a problem with targeted training. In this way, even critical journalists can keep their cool and thus gain the upper hand. In the age of media such as Web TV, YouTube or podcasts, there are a multitude of ways to present yourself to the public. However, this diversity also carries risks. Especially in crisis situations it is necessary to deal with the worst-case scenario and be prepared for dicey situations. Because if a crisis already exists, a professional reaction is hardly possible spontaneously.

Score points in a TV interview, a press conference or a radio statement. Through personal appearances you present your company to the public and can thus interact credibly with your target group. We advise you individually and train you for your media contact, through interview exercises, the development of rhetorically appropriate statements and the acquisition of a convincing body language. In a newspaper interview you will find the right subordinate clause, on the radio you will convey core messages and create emotions in the listener and on television you will convince with charisma and a lively appearance. You will learn how to deal with journalists' questions confidently in every situation and to communicate your messages in an interesting and understandable way.


From customers from the logistics sector to celebrities - we have already supported various customers with media training. However, discretion is important to us in this area. Therefore we would not like to give references from our portfolio at this point. Please contact us so that we can advise you accordingly.