Product PR

A good product deserves attention. Product PR is far more than just presenting the new wares. Successful product and brand PR all comes down to credibility. We make sure that people are interested in your product or service. Whether it’s food or tech media, we have contacts with the right journalists to ensure successful presentation of your product. We weave stories around your product and find the right occasions to tell them to the relevant channels like the lifestyle media or on TV. Product PR helps to influence the opinions of potential customers in your target group in a lasting and positive way and to foster loyalty for your product or brand among your current clientele or consumers. Readers are moved by emotional images and narratives about your product, ensuring positive associations.

We use professional media relations and precise campaigns to communicate your brand messages to all relevant target groups. With our help, your product will be showcased in popular magazines, daily newspapers, specialist journals and even in the new media. Among others, this includes the strategic development and implementation of PR campaigns and the preparation of press releases, as well as the organization and staging of meet and greet events with specialist journalists, conferences and visits to the editing desks. We highlight the unique selling proposition of your product or brand, creating newsworthy stories for the media to publish. In doing so, we ensure active and steady touchpoints with the target group and convince the wider audience of the benefits that your product will bring. Our bespoke concept and sheer endless creativity fosters an enduring and positive public awareness.