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You can’t be successful here without visibility. Social media like Facebook & co. have left an indelible mark on the communications landscape and are now indispensable tools in the successful management of product or corporate communications. Whether it’s Pinterest or Snapchat for foodies, or Twitter for our tech-savvy clients: We would gladly advise you and your company on the selection of suitable channels and offer strategic support to create tailored content. Effective dialogue in a spirit of partnership is possible with any target group. The trick behind sophisticated social media marketing is to give people in the digital world something that attracts them and they are keen to share.


Simply racking up a bus load of followers is not enough to succeed at social media marketing. Instead it comes down to designing pin-point content to suit the community. Together we can enhance your brand equity and ensure lively interaction on all channels. We develop successful projects that fit your brand and thrill your fans in equal measure. Where classic advertising claims miss the mark, a punchy content strategy can build communication with your target group. We assist in recruiting vital influencers and fostering sustainable loyalty among your company’s fans by developing interesting content, creative apps and viral ideas. Whether it’s a company page on the blue behemoth Facebook or the fast-paced and interactive channel Twitter – we design an individual strategy for the platform that best suits your company and customer base. Our campaigns also use Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms to create an authentic environment for your target group and therefore lasting trust in your company or brand.

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