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Let’s be honest: Was it at the supermarket, cinema or on Tinder after all? The stories we tell about how we met our loved-ones are absolute Internet evergreens. Doubtless we all know a couple that started dating after meeting online. The benefits of online portals and dating events are familiar to us as well. Neither is it a mystery to us what swiping left or right might mean. We admit that we are absolute fans of the new generations of dating apps: After all, why search further afield if love may be just one click away? Apps und Dating-Portale machen die Partnersuche im Internet zu einer gesellschaftlich anerkannten Methode, um seine große Liebe zu finden. Die Möglichkeiten, sich online auf die Suche nach ungezwungenener Leidenschaft oder doch dem oder der „Richtigen“ zu begeben, sind schier endlos.

Apps and dating portals have turned the idea of finding a partner online into a socially acceptable method of looking for love. And there are practically endless opportunities to search for moments of passion or lifelong partnerships in an online setting. Griffel & Co has already brought lovers together for the dating app GetBuzz and the flirt community lycos@love. We also provided corporate and product PR for Ashley Madison, Germany’s biggest portal for people searching for discrete liaisons. The dating apps Candidate and Once are currently benefiting from our longstanding expertise and knowledge about PR in this field. 

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