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We accompany you on your travels wherever it may happen to be – from thrills and spills on the snow-clad Alps to laid-back fun on the beaches of Tenerife. It’s not just for our client Frosch Sportreisen that we immerse ourselves in the worlds of exclusive adventure holidays – we’ve transmitted a real holiday feeling to droves of journalists and a wider audience for Hotel Miramar as well.

Our PR team has already built a broad network of media contacts in the travel sector. This helps us foster sustainable and emotional bonds among enthusiastic travelers. Besides classic travel magazines, the travel blogs and social media are vital channels to address business travelers and family holidaymakers in this segment.

We also beat the media drum for clients like ruf Reisen, setting off on a journey of discovery to develop innovative ideas and promotions that involve whisking journalists and consumers off for a taste of holidays. These journalist trips, coupled with classic press releases and exclusive events, ensure that exceptional travel topics find their way into popular and specialist media.

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