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What is the importance of an online reputation in today's digital world? How can companies improve their online reputation?

06.06.2023 - Branchen Secrets

If you want to find out about a product or company, usually the first step leads online. A product or company is quickly Googled and searched for on social media. After a quick look online and at the Google reviews, people judge how professional the company looks and how good its reputation is. Online presence has become extremely important in today's digital world. But how can companies build a good online reputation?

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22.05.2023 - Griffel Inside

With Lisa, the "L" is written in capital letters - because it is not only at the beginning of her name, but it also stands for Loving, funny (“Lustig” in german) and cooL.

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Simple – but effective: The editorial plan

25.04.2023 - Branchen Secrets

Who hasn't experienced it: just before closing time a post has to be published quickly on Instagram. And nothing has been posted on LinkedIn for quite some time. But what topic should be written about? And who will take care of it?

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19.04.2023 - Griffel Inside

To top it off, Louisa finishes her studies with an internship at Griffel & Co!

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How is a good social media video created? What is important?

06.04.2023 - Branchen Secrets

Instagram reels, TikTok, YouTube and more. We are moving further and further away from text and images towards moving images. At the same time, social media offers the potential to achieve great reach within a very short period of time through virality and extremely high user numbers. But how do you use this potential and what are the important factors of a successful social media video?

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World Cup 2022: Is Qatar buying fake fans as a marketing strategy?

17.11.2022 - Branchen Secrets

This Sunday, the most controversial tournament in the history of soccer gets underway. At 5 pm Qatar opens the World Cup in a match against Ecuador. Critics of the World Cup in particular are looking with great suspicion at the images that caused a stir two weeks before the tournament.

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It's time to set sail, farewell griffel & co.

26.09.2022 - Griffel Inside

You start to really get to grips with the topics, get to know your colleagues and feel right at home ... and then bang, the internship is over after just three months. A short story about my time at Griffel & Co.

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Coperate Identity - What's the point?

16.09.2022 - Branchen Secrets

Coperate Identity (CI) is a term one hears all the time when it comes to business. What it is and how it is presented, is clear to most people. However, the main question falls by the wayside. What is the actual benefit of CI?

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The New World of Connectivity

12.09.2022 - Branchen Secrets

Social change in the 21st century is due to the megatrend of connectivity. The principle of networking on the basis of digital infrastructures represents a dominant basic pattern of our time. Whether at work, in the economy or in our lifestyle, communication technologies are changing a large part of our existence.

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MOIN Manuel

09.09.2022 - Griffel Inside

Aaaand take off! - After studying five semesters at Macromedia University, the drone enthusiast Manuel lands his internship at Griffel & Co!

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Public Relations (PR) over time

05.09.2022 - Branchen Secrets

The change in the field of public relations is due to the revolution in the media landscape within the last 20 years. As a result, not only has PR work become much more extensive and challenging, but the relevant media have also changed over time. Thus, the question arises, "How do you think PR will change in the near future?"

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POWER ON - Sustainable Energy with NWG

02.09.2022 - Showroom

The current energy crisis is most likely an issue for everyone. The rising prices in particular are a cause of concern for many - including the German population. The fear of having to turn the heating down a few degrees in winter and put on a thick wool sweater can be taken away by the Hamburg-based company NWG. You don't have to freeze during energy shortage - you simply become your own energy entrepreneur.

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29.08.2022 - Griffel Inside

The stylus is a beautiful writing instrument, but it also needs a brain behind the texts. The brain behind our stylus is Max, so it's time for a glimpse into the head of the Griffel´s pen. new stage in life - From the country to the big city.

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Team trip at Griffel & Co! (Part 2)

26.08.2022 - Griffel Inside

The surprise was revealed, the road trip began and the golf clubs were swung. So the team outing took its course and everyone enjoyed the day to the fullest. Before we let the trip come to an end in the evening, everyone watched Carina's ball with fascination - but read for yourself how the day continued...

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Team trip at Griffel & Co! (Part 1)

23.08.2022 - Griffel Inside

This is how Mondays can be endured! Yesterday, the entire Griffel team was allowed to go on a trip. The weather was perfect and we took a golf course. Afterwards we finished the day with a delicious meal and a view of the sea. It was great - but read for yourself.

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How to call

16.08.2022 - Branchen Secrets

PR is not just about communicating in press releases and talking to journalists at events. Making phone calls is also part of the job. In the stressful daily routine, it is often not that easy to convince the person on the other end of the line - this requires the right strategy.

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Hello Miriam!

12.08.2022 - Griffel Inside

OK!, I'm IN - After five years in journalism, Miriam is reorienting herself and has now been supporting the Griffel team as a PR consultant since August.

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PR-manipulation on Wikipedia

05.08.2022 - Branchen Secrets

Wikipedia is huge, with over 58.9 million articles, and thus the place to go when someone has a question. As a collection of knowledge, Wikipedia can also be edited by anyone. Therefore, someone could get the idea to exploit this...

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