Skillfully staged: The perfect PR photo

10.09.2021 - Branchen Secrets

A PR photo doesn't just happen. It takes time and very good planning beforehand. You have to prepare the company well and approach the photo shoot in a structured way. To ensure that no important thought processes are forgotten before and during the photo shoot, we have listed all the necessary key points.

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What the use of social media means for companies

09.07.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Social media has been part of everyday life for many years. The Corona pandemic has also brought about some changes in this area. Maintaining contacts at a distance is possible nowadays, even if it takes some getting used to. Social media presence is especially important for the 14-24 age group. Comments, likes and other forms of reviews influence opinion and self-image. But how does the usage behaviour of Germans compare worldwide? And what does that mean for companies?

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Why journalists should work with PR agencies

18.06.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Journalists and PR agencies are in daily contact with each other. Those who pick up the phone need new information, arrange appointments or discuss exciting publication opportunities. The interplay between journalism and PR is an integral part of public reporting.

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Five steps to a successful product launch

10.06.2021 - Branchen Secrets

It looks, smells and sounds interesting: Anyone who wants to sell a product these days needs much more than a simple promise. Customers are looking for the perfectly story before they decide to buy a product. The presentation of one's own product ultimately decides whether something is bought or not. That's why a strategy is needed that provides orientation at every stage of the product launch. The following five steps will make a successful product launch a breeze.

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Addressing journalists correctly

04.06.2021 - Branchen Secrets

In public relations, media professionals influence the success and failure of PR professionals. Why is that? Journalists and editorial offices are largely free to decide which topics they report on. Accordingly, the PR agency's first attempt at contact must be successful in order to prevail against the flood of competing news stories. The following tips for approaching journalists make it easier to gain access to these important interlocutors.

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The most important facts about celebrity PR

28.05.2021 -

Whether stars and starlets, VIPs or testimonials: No one is safe from ending up as a mayfly. An audience reacts more strongly to individuals than it would towards a company or assembly. This makes the right PR management for celebrities tricky, because the strategies for it must be very well thought out, flexibly built and closely monitored.

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How communicate clearly

16.04.2021 - Branchen Secrets

In this age of digital communication, the flow of information is ever increasing. People are tweeting and posting every second. Every minute, someone announces the big news. To ensure that your company's message doesn't get lost in this flood of information, it is extremely important to communicate in a considered manner. But what should it look like?

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The speedsters in the cities

12.04.2021 - Showroom

E-scooters are becoming increasingly popular for short journeys. In many Mediterranean countries and in China, they already dominate road traffic. But in Germany, too, the benefits are increasingly appreciated, leading to a sharp rise in electric scooters.

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Like and Subscribe: How influencers are transforming marketing

29.03.2021 - Branchen Secrets

As part of online marketing, it is hard to imagine life today without influencers, be it in the promotion of products, messages or entire brands and companies. Through strategic collaborations with individuals who have reputation, influence or reach on various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or Twitter, companies embrace their multiplier effect. But why is influencer marketing more important today than ever before and what do you need to consider when letting third parties take control of the communication of your own message, product or company?

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PR for sports - sports for PR

17.03.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Athletes and sports clubs are often the focus of media attention. Sometimes because of athletic achievements, sometimes because of their statements, even hair transplants of trainers determine news cycles. Athletes therefore need a good media presence in order to be an important multiplier for sponsors. As a result, public opinion determines the success of athletes' careers more than ever before.

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Gaining reach with PR stunts

09.03.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Whether it's a jump from 39,000 feet, a beer-dispensing billboard in the heart of London, or a fake movie-star relationship, a good PR stunt knows how to attract media attention and get a brand, person, or message heard and remembered.

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Podcasts in PR: Astrid Schulte as guest at Zukunft Mittelstand

26.02.2021 - Showroom

As an on-demand service that can be easily played anywhere on a smartphone, the podcast has not only become a favourite among listeners. For companies, too, it is a wonderful addition to classic social media activities and blog posts. With their own podcast or as a guest in established formats, companies also have the opportunity to conquer this platform for themselves and to bring their corporate history and philosophy as well as their products or services closer to the consumer.

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Storytelling in PR

23.02.2021 - Branchen Secrets

The media landscape has evolved and nowadays many readers get their information online. To stand out in online marketing, PR agencies need to develop good, authentic stories for their clients. Good storytelling tells stories with emotions that stay in the memory for a long time.

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