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19. July 2019, 12:00

We are thrilled with e-scooters!

Recently, we put back every small route with e-scooters, which meanwhile besiege the entire city of various providers. Fast ride to Penny? Pick up the ordered food from the Asian around the corner? The possibilities are limitless.

16. July 2019, 18:44

Let the show beginn

At the moment it’s all about circus at Griffels! With ten stops in the north Germany tour of circus Krone we have a lot to do: press releases, info mails, date proposes. We phone our fingers sore and work on calenders and client lists. 

12. July 2019, 12:00

Perspectives change!

Of course, we did not miss the illusion-fun and got amazed. Once shrunk, trapped in a bottle ship or land on the serving plate - we have experienced everything that our heart desires.

09. July 2019, 17:30

Journalists downsized

You barely have to wait in line in in the Mindways 3D TrickArt in Hammerbrook: The exhibition is a new Griffel & Co customer for one of their big projects. And since then newspaper-, radio- and tv-teams stroll through the 3D-exhibition by the Japanese artist Masashi Hattori.