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15. May 2019, 12:11

Thank you for the flowers!

Once a year we thank the dearest person - our mother. But the question is, why are we doing this on this particular day of the year? 

10. May 2019, 12:00

You need to know the Harbor Birthday ... but why we exactly celebrate it?

If you are in Hamburg around May, you should not miss the spectacle of the harbor birthday. Thousands of people cavort at the harbor, fireworks burst and ships trumpeting along the Elbe.

08. May 2019, 12:00

What it takes to work in PR

An integral part of the Griffel and Co-team are our interns. Everybody who was once an intern knows: You come to the office with a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm, but you do not have much idea about PR. After all, what does it take to gain a foothold in PR? Which traits are crucial for successful communication?

06. May 2019, 12:00

The 4 no-go's in social media marketing

Social media marketing has become an extremely crucial component of communication for our customers. A sophisticated strategy and professional social media management are very important to generate followers and to increase customer loyalty. But there are some things that should be avoided. Here are the four no-gos in social media marketing.

01. May 2019, 12:00

Save the world with admin

In the shopping market, at the gas station or in the restaurant – everywhere we are being asked, "Do you need the receipt?". Whether we accept the receipt or not, rarely do we know about the consequences of this little piece of paper.