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03. April 2020, 13:34

Starting your internship in home office

I started my internship here at Griffel & Co almost three weeks ago. Even if it has only been three weeks, time went by pretty fast. Every day there is something new to learn. So far I have neither experienced a real working day in the Griffel office nor have I met my colleagues in person. Extraordinary situations require extraordinary actions. And unfortunately the start of my internship is affected by the whole corona situation. 

02. April 2020, 07:20

PR during the corona crisis

Corona continues to keep the economy on its toes. Shops and businesses are closing down, companies have to apply for short-time work. Almost daily you can read those reports. But how is the situation in the PR industry?

27. March 2020, 15:40

How quickly time passes

If someone had asked me how I imagined the last day of my internship, I'm sure it wouldn't have been like this. I'm sitting at home and not in beautiful Hamburg, I can't say thank you with a home-made cake for the last months and I can't say goodbye properly to my animal and human Griffel-colleagues.

25. March 2020, 12:59

Malt Initiative for freelancers - How Malt supports freelancers

Work in times of Corona. Every day new restrictions are passed to slow down the spread of the virus. Every day companies have to adapt new to the situation. While some work relaxed in their home office, others must now fear for their jobs. Freelancers and self-employed workers have been affected badly. What do you do when there are no more orders?

20. March 2020, 12:05

Why we have enough of home office

The idea sounds dreamy at first: Sleeping in until just before work starts, not having to leave the house all day and working in sweatpants on your own sofa. But what sounds nice at first now shows its dark sides.