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15. November 2019, 12:00

Cleaned up - clichés from agency life

There are many clichés, especially about agency life in PR. Today we are cleaning up a few of them. 

12. November 2019, 18:46

Kansas at the A+A 2019

If you follow us on Instagram @griffelco very closely, you've probably seen the post with Belgian beatboxer RoxorLoops in the last few days. But we didn't hire a personal musician who motivates us every day - no, the artist supported our client Kansas at the presentation of the new collections.

06. November 2019, 12:00

3 tricks for successful PR

As in all areas, there are also numerous tips and tricks in PR on how to be as successful as possible. Three of them will follow today!

01. November 2019, 12:27

Brr Brr...

The alarm clock is ringing, everything is still dark. This early in the morning it is still very quiet in Hamburg. A few minutes later you see the first sunbeams, not a single cloud is in the sky. If you’re greeted by a blue sky in the morning, the day has to be good.

30. October 2019, 12:18

How to get your dog through the cold season.

Winter time is cold time, in the offices one coughs and sniffs and somebody is always cold. This applies not only to us two-legged friends, but also to the four-legged friends, because also dogs can catch a cold. With the temperatures that goes naturally fast!