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17. January 2020, 12:00

Corporate Identity - what is that actually?

Corporate Identity, or often just CI, simply means corporate identity. It is intended to define how the company presents itself and wants to be perceived, both externally and internally. This guarantees that the messages are not confusing but uniform and ultimately conveys a structured, credible corporate image. As a PR agency, it is of course important to take advantage of the benefits of a successful CI and use them for PR measures. What actually belongs to a corporate identity and which areas are relevant for us, we will introduce to you in today's blog post:

15. January 2020, 16:12

The future of vehicle transfer with ONLOGIST

Every day many vehicles have to be transferred from one location to another - the logistical administrative effort involved is enormous.

10. January 2020, 14:15

Our office essentials

If you work in an office, sooner or later you realize that there are some things that are indispensable. Of course, these are often different, but there is some overlap here too.

08. January 2020, 12:00

Why fairs and exhibitions are so important

No sooner does the new year begin, than a lot of planning begins. It’s not only about creating new content for our customers. No - there are also many fairs and exhibitions to be planned. But why is that so important?

18. December 2019, 12:25

How to use Christmas for PR?

It's almost a week till Christmas Eve. Christmas stress is spreading, everyone is doing their last errands and the Christmas markets are almost overflowing with visitors. But how can one use exactly this whole, but somehow contemplative, hustle and bustle for PR in a meaningful way?