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18. September 2019, 15:28

Odoo - all the power in one tool

Do you know Odoo? If not, then you should definitely change that. Literally anything is possible with this tool. To make a press release? No problem. Store a variety of contacts in one place, with a variety of "tags" and labels provided, so unnecessarily long searches belong to the past? That's no problem.

13. September 2019, 12:22

Timing is (mostly) everything ? with time management to success

Do you know this? You’re in advance of a meeting, the presentation isn’t ready yet and the phone doesn’t stop ringing. That doesn’t suit you at all – and two colleagues want something as well. Completely over burned and disasters everywhere.

10. September 2019, 16:00

On the wheels and go! That was the STRONG-Event

Last week we had a very special get-to-know: STRONG-founder Jennifer visited us in Hamburg. Only us? Of cause not! Together we invited journalists and influencers from Hamburg to sweat together.

06. September 2019, 16:33

Do we still have summer?

The official beginning of autumn is the 23rd of September, but let's face it: The right summer feeling does not come through here in Hamburg.

02. September 2019, 12:06

Two left hands? Pickawood helps!

Everyone has to measure something. How wide may the wardrobe be so that the light switch next to it remains free? And how big does the shelf have to be so that it fits exactly into the still unused niche? So many questions before even buying something.