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Hello Manuel!

25.07.2022 - Griffel Inside

As a new member of the Griffel team, Manuel is completing his internship at our Hamburg-based agency in public relations as part of his studies.

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Facts and how not to deal with them - false balancing

15.07.2022 - Branchen Secrets

These are confusing times in which suddenly also closer relatives take strange positions. Whether it be climate change, Corona even the evolution theory: For all these topics there is much factually researched knowledge with social consensus. Nevertheless, minorities doubt these topics. Which is their good right. However, how the media deals with such minorities and thereby changes the perceived relationship between the groups leads to "false balancing".

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Moin Tessa!

08.07.2022 - Griffel Inside

PR please! During her studies, Tessa decided against a life as a teacher and discovered her passion for communication. So now, since July, she has been supporting the Griffel & Co team. As a trainee, she is getting her first taste of PR in the agency.

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Public broadcasting and what argues in its favor

05.07.2022 - Branchen Secrets

Public service broadcasting enjoys a special status in many European countries. In fact, most European countries have public service broadcasting or at least a similar status. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is considered the first public service broadcaster. In 1927, after years of influence by business and attempts at takeover by the state, the BBC was put into public service.

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Freedom of the press - a human right

14.06.2022 - Branchen Secrets

Freedom of the press is often taken for granted in Germany. It seems that journalists in the Federal Republic can always report independently and freely - without any danger. After all, our journalism cannot be compared with the media in Russia or China. But beware - Germany is also slipping further down the press freedom list. Why it needs press and media freedom in any case is quickly answered.

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Fynn Kliemann accused of fraud - will the Kliemannsland soon be over?

23.05.2022 - Branchen Secrets

In early 2020, YouTuber Fynn Kliemann promoted Corona protective masks from textile company Global Tactics. Fair, cheap and from Europe they should have to be. A mask would cost only "1/10 of the things that the overpriced profit hunters offer". ZDF Magazin Royale has now done research which shows, that this may not be true and that Kliemann lied.

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Fly with FlyNex - for sustainability

16.05.2022 - Griffel Inside

On May 11th, 2022, we went to a journalist event for the first time in over two and a half years. This time it was called: Fly with FlyNex in the Sachsenwald. An event with many new and great insights into the topic of sustainability and forestry. It's exciting to see what drones can do.

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Hello Emma!

10.05.2022 - Griffel Inside

Having arrived in her favorite German city, Emma is completing an internship in public relations at Griffel & Co. since May 2022.

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Nobody believes that!

02.05.2022 - Branchen Secrets

One thing can be said: communication must be credible and authentic. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that it has the wrong or a different effect - in other words, it is simply untrustworthy. A prime example of such failed communication is currently the supposed apology video by Xavier Naidoo. But what are we supposed to believe about it?

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Why a critical eye is important in the Internet

22.04.2022 - Branchen Secrets

Whether at work, during leisure time or with friends and family – media is becoming an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. Even children and young people often know how to operate a cell phone and the Internet at a very young age. But control does not equal an understanding of how to deal critically with the content they perceive or how to filter out the most important information. For this, one thing is needed: media competence!

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Communication has to create real values

19.04.2022 - Branchen Secrets

Advocates of value-based content marketing are often accused of arguing in a way that is out of touch with life. Especially those working in advertising emphasize that corporate communications are all about the hard-nosed business. However, this is only partly true. Customer acquisition and community building in particular are more dependent than ever on relationships in the digital age. So it's not too far removed from reality if the origin of that is real values or if they are created through that. Because that, too, is professional corporate communication.

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CSR – A win for business and environment

14.04.2022 - Branchen Secrets

As a result of changing society, globalization and industrial development, companies are constantly faced with new tasks. One of these is the need to take social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility - CSR for short - usually costs companies time, money and human resources. But it also brings profits - not just financially.

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Fake news, their consequences and how not to be fooled by them

11.04.2022 - Griffel Inside

Manipulatively disseminated and feigned reports are referred to as fake news, which spread mainly on the Internet, especially on social networks and social media, sometimes rapidly. According to the Duden dictionary, the term "fake news" is defined colloquially as "false reports spread with manipulative intent in the media and on the Internet, especially in social networks”. Over time, fake news became a political buzzword that was instrumentalized to set enemy images.

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Gendering - equality or attack of linguistic aesthetics?

05.04.2022 - Griffel Inside

The constant change of society is linked to many discussions. At the forefront: the gender debate. Permanently, the society and politics discuss about gender-neutral language. But does gendering really bring us closer to an equal society or does the aesthetic of the German language only suffer from these changes?

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Griffel und Co gets a rebranding!

04.04.2022 - Griffel Inside

After more than 10 years it is time for something new. The Griffel & Co logo got redesigned and looks cleaner from now on. Also the name “Griffel & Co Kommunikation” was shortened by the word “Kommunikation” for a better speaking experience.

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Hello Jac!

28.03.2022 - Griffel Inside

Stranded in the big hanseatic city Jacqueline aka Jac does an internship in the field of Public Relations at Griffel & Co within her studies.

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Save like the elite few – FINEXITY makes alternative capital investments for private investors affordable

21.03.2022 - Showroom

Especially people of the middle or lower class get more and more confronted with the difficulty of the state pension. In the future one probably won’t be able to rely on the statutory pension. Because of the demographic change, younger people prospectively will be depended on private capital investments to assure their prosperity. But how does one invest in the most effective way even with a low income?

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Hello Marc!

18.03.2022 - Griffel Inside

Besides his love for Lady Gaga, ABBA and Modern Art Marc’s big passion is communication. And since March 2022 he lives out this passion at the Griffel & Co agency.

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What a juice store! – How MAD ABOUT JUICE provides power for Hamburg’s residents

15.03.2022 - Showroom

It is often not easy to divide up one’s power for the day. Rushing from appointment to appointment can get very tiring. The vitamin balance of the human body in that case is not to be underestimated. “You are what you eat”. Everybody knows that sentence. But what about drinking? Drinking is much easier to include into the daily routine. The good thing is that it is not necessary to only drink water to be healthy, though soft drinks are more likely damaging our bodies than anything else. Mad but organic juices are the way to go to gain 100% power and taste!

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The perfect LinkedIn post

03.03.2022 - Branchen Secrets

How many words, are hashtags actually appropriate, and a picture needs to go in too?! We provide tips for a successful LinkedIn post to advance your profile.

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