Five tips for writing successful press releases

16.02.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Press releases are a very popular communication tool and stand for seriousness and credibility. Actually, it is not difficult to write PMs, but to ensure that they do not end up in the digital trash bin, there are a few tips to consider.

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Five tips for the right appearance in front of the camera

12.02.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Your appearance in front of the camera determines how the audience perceives you. The first impression is one of the most important. It determines whether viewers find you sympathic and can rely on you. In this blog post, we explain five tips on how to appear confident in front of the camera.

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"Safer Internet Day" - Five tips for a safer and better Internet use

09.02.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Since 2004, the "Safer Internet Day" takes place on the second day of the second week of the second month of each year. This day of action, this year on February 09, focuses on data security and is supposed to act as a reminder that a secure and trustworthy digital future is still a long way off. But how can you protect yourself from attacks? We have compiled five important and easily implemented tips in this blog post.

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Creation of an action plan using the example of the client Wunschfutter

08.02.2021 - Showroom

At the beginning of each year, PR agencies draft action plans for their clients. It is a kind of detailed to-do list of future projects for the next months. It specifies which measures will lead to the goal, how to implement them, by when the project must be completed and who is responsible for it. If the plan is adhered to, mistakes and misunderstandings can be avoided.

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Marketing for medium-sized companies – reaching your goal with the right strategy

04.02.2021 - Branchen Secrets

More than half of Germany's economic output is created in medium-sized companies. Often referred to as the backbone of the economy, SMEs sometimes follow their own rules, especially when it comes to marketing. Regular customers and specializations do not make advertising easy. In addition, the advertising budget of medium-sized companies is often smaller than that of large companies. So what special aspects need to be taken into account when marketing for SMEs?

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Real goals or just greenwashing?

26.01.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Sustainability and environmental awareness are also becoming increasingly important for companies. A move away from the cheapest possible production to responsible manufacturing has become mandatory in some sales markets. Finally, it is obvious that companies respond to respective trends of the population and try to differentiate themselves from the competition. From this, customer-centric marketing and PR measures are developed in order to appeal to potential customers. Companies thus try to suggest that they represent social values. In doing so, however, companies are not always honest or consistent.

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Can I get into the Clubhouse? What the hype is all about

22.01.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app from the U.S. that lets you listen to and participate in conversations. In the summer of 2020, the Clubhouse app came to the market in the USA and now it's making a name for itself in Germany, too. It has rapidly risen to second place among the most popular free apps on Apple and everyone is talking about it. But why does have Clubhouse such a strong hype?

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A picture is worth more than a thousand numbers

20.01.2021 - Branchen Secrets

Whether bars, columns, lines, pies, timelines or arrows – all infographics have one thing in common: they serve to make information, numbers and complex contexts easier to understand and to present them clearly. Used correctly, they are able to tell stories.

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The first president who got blocked

17.01.2021 - Branchen Secrets

The ban of Donald Trump’s Twitter account reignited the debate about free speech on social media platforms - if it ever really subsided in the first place. What was Twitter's justification for its actions, and how did the individual actors within the discourse react to this decision?

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2020: How "Just do it" became "Don't do it”

10.01.2021 - Branchen Secrets

The year 2020 will be remembered by all of us. A large part of the population has never spend - or rather had to spend - so much time within their own walls as they did this year. On the one hand, this doubled the number of Tiktok users in Germany alone, but the amount of complex political and social conflicts also resulted in a further consolidation of the influence of search engines and social media channels as information and entertainment media.

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Setting goals: Our resolutions for this year

05.01.2021 - Griffel Inside

The turn of the year is an occasion for many to set goals for the new year. We also have some good resolutions that we want to realize. Because 2021 has the potential to be a really good year, it just needs to be used.

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Happy New Year: The most important PR trends for 2021

01.01.2021 - Branchen Secrets

A turbulent year is drawing to a close: Despite a lot of sitting on the couch, no one can claim that 2020 was boring or unspectacular. PR was torn between communication in a permanent crisis and finding gaps in the steady Corona coverage. It is therefore worth taking a look at next year and already thinking about communication concepts that have potential.

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The Griffel Year in Review: Our highlights in 2020

30.12.2020 - Griffel Inside

The year 2020 will stay in our memories for a long time: The Corona pandemic threw our daily work routine into disarray and made us question previously trivial ways of life. But not everything was bad or chaotic; in the midst of the crisis, there were numerous highlights at our agency.

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Do good and talk about it!

24.12.2020 - Branchen Secrets

Companies that donate to charitable causes often don't want to make a big fuss about it. Too often they hear that it's not about the cause itself, but only about profiling with charity. Even if it is a tightrope walk: companies should communicate donations openly, especially at Christmas time.

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Communicating tomorrow's products today: PR for technology companies

22.12.2020 - Showroom

Technical topics are often complex: companies frequently operate in a very specialized market that is characterized by technical terms and special rules. So if you're serving clients in the technology sector, you need bright minds not only to understand the company's products and services, but also to address trade media competently. To this end, start-ups in particular can quickly gain media coverage because new ideas always generate interest.

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Beauty Tips for Christmas

17.12.2020 - Griffel Inside

Beside books and gift certificates, cosmetics is one of the favorite Christmas gifts. But the choice is huge, so good advice helps enormously. Here are the best gift ideas for family and friends from our agency.

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Crisis Communication for Entrepeneurs – Striking the Right Tone Even Under Pressure

15.12.2020 - Branchen Secrets

Start-ups don't have it easy: developing a business idea, finding investors and taking the first steps in a potentially global market are enough to keep founders on their toes. It becomes all the more difficult when the first crisis hits right away and a coherent communication concept is needed to avoid being branded as a negative example. But what advice can be given to start-ups in such situations?

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