Happy New Year: The most important PR trends for 2021

01.01.2021 - Branchen Secrets

A turbulent year is drawing to a close: Despite a lot of sitting on the couch, no one can claim that 2020 was boring or unspectacular. PR was torn between communication in a permanent crisis and finding gaps in the steady Corona coverage. It is therefore worth taking a look at next year and already thinking about communication concepts that have potential.

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The Griffel Year in Review: Our highlights in 2020

30.12.2020 - Griffel Inside

The year 2020 will stay in our memories for a long time: The Corona pandemic threw our daily work routine into disarray and made us question previously trivial ways of life. But not everything was bad or chaotic; in the midst of the crisis, there were numerous highlights at our agency.

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Do good and talk about it!

24.12.2020 - Branchen Secrets

Companies that donate to charitable causes often don't want to make a big fuss about it. Too often they hear that it's not about the cause itself, but only about profiling with charity. Even if it is a tightrope walk: companies should communicate donations openly, especially at Christmas time.

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Communicating tomorrow's products today: PR for technology companies

22.12.2020 - Showroom

Technical topics are often complex: companies frequently operate in a very specialized market that is characterized by technical terms and special rules. So if you're serving clients in the technology sector, you need bright minds not only to understand the company's products and services, but also to address trade media competently. To this end, start-ups in particular can quickly gain media coverage because new ideas always generate interest.

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Beauty Tips for Christmas

17.12.2020 - Griffel Inside

Beside books and gift certificates, cosmetics is one of the favorite Christmas gifts. But the choice is huge, so good advice helps enormously. Here are the best gift ideas for family and friends from our agency.

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Crisis Communication for Entrepeneurs – Striking the Right Tone Even Under Pressure

15.12.2020 - Branchen Secrets

Start-ups don't have it easy: developing a business idea, finding investors and taking the first steps in a potentially global market are enough to keep founders on their toes. It becomes all the more difficult when the first crisis hits right away and a coherent communication concept is needed to avoid being branded as a negative example. But what advice can be given to start-ups in such situations?

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Internal synergies are key for good PR work

11.12.2020 - Griffel Inside

The world gets more and more connected. This is relevant for companies, their mission and therefore for their communication strategies. This makes using experience from different industries fundamental.

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The Christmas season is starting

06.12.2020 - Griffel Inside

Today is St Nicholas ‘Day and we hope that you all behaved during the year and that Santa filled your boots with goodies overnight. We are currently in a busy phase of packing presents for our customers, like little elves we do our best to get everything ready and sent our little signs of appreciation to everyone.

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A race against time

01.12.2020 - Branchen Secrets

HELP - Crisis! How often have we heard this expression? That's the way crises are and cannot be avoided. An additional hurdle is that digitization and the resulting networking of the world are spreading bad news many times faster. The fastest way to do this? No question - social media.

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Use the marketing highlight Black Friday properly

26.11.2020 - Branchen Secrets

Percentages here and special offers there: We all know the seemingly infinite offers that are just waiting for us around the corner as soon as we pass mid-November. For passionate shoppers this time is like heaven on earth.

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Christmas mood in the Advent calendar

20.11.2020 - Branchen Secrets

The most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner again and scatters its full glory. Just imagine that you are a child again. You wake up in the morning, still a little sleepy, you slowly come to consciousness and outside it is snowing. Christmas joy comes up immediately, because: You can't wait to open the next door of your Christmas calendar.

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Cute, lovely and probably quite hairy

13.11.2020 - Griffel Inside

It is quite not imaginable to picture a life without animals. They are around us in all possible kinds and colors. They wake us up in the morning, we drink their Milk in our coffees and cuddle with them when we get home from work in the evening. They are part of our daily lives.

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Full speed ahead for the mobility industry!

05.11.2020 - Showroom

No other industry stands for Germany more than the automotive sector. But even this tradition is in full swing, in which "everything moves" and automotive groups are becoming mobility companies. Because revolutionary business models based on modern technologies do not stop at the mobility industry and demand changes and transport alternatives!

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The cold season is just around the corner

30.10.2020 - Griffel Inside

The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter and it is getting quite uncomfortable outside - shortly around the cold season is approaching. Everybody knows the wet-grey autumn and winter days when the mood is usually not as bright as usual. The well-known winter depression slowly creeps in and many people only live according to the motto...

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Optimal public presence through media training

23.10.2020 - Branchen Secrets

The right media contact is not only the be-all and end-all for an authentic appearance in public, but also forms a decisive leadership qualification within the corporate world today. However, this can only succeed with optimal preparation.

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Bye Bye Griffel

15.10.2020 - Griffel Inside

And bang! are three months gone. The sense of time was somewhat impaired during the past months anyway, but my time as an intern at Griffel & Co. has now really faded away.

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The perfect preparation for a pitch

13.10.2020 - Branchen Secrets

Everyone working in communication can will have to face it sooner or later: Giving a pitch. This task is usually done when dealing with new customers. A pitch represents a chance to show our customers all of our creative ideas and strategies that we have in mind for them. We at Griffel & Co will show you how exactly a pitch and its preparation take place, plus what you need to keep in mind when working on one.

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