Resourcify digitises waste management

22.01.2020 - Branchen Secrets

Waste is supposedly the biggest problem of our generation. Where to put all this garbage? This question is currently being asked by quite a few people. Our client Resourcify offers an answer.

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Our office essentials

10.01.2020 - Griffel Inside

If you work in an office, sooner or later you realize that there are some things that are indispensable. Of course, these are often different, but there is some overlap here too.

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The Griffel Year Review

03.01.2020 - Showroom

With the turn of the year, the usual New Year's resolutions are on the agenda, which are increasingly being observed by those who are less fortunate. In January the fitness studios are overcrowded ? in the first two weeks the motivation sprays only so. New year, new me, is the motto.

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Using Christmas bustle properly for PR

18.12.2019 - Branchen Secrets

It's barely a week until Christmas Eve. The Christmas stress is rampant, everyone is running their last errands and the Christmas markets are almost overflowing with visitors. But how can you use all this, but somehow contemplative, hustle and bustle for PR?

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Fight the empty truck? Carrypicker on NDR

13.12.2019 - Showroom

Our customer Carrypicker is on TV! Thanks to an article in the Hamburg Journal, viewers were able to take a look behind the scenes of this revolutionary in the logistics industry and get to know Carrypicker better.

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Tips and tricks for research

11.12.2019 - Branchen Secrets

In PR, research is incredibly important. Be it to write a press release or a blog article or to take over the trade fair planning for a client. There are little tips and tricks on how to make Google and Co. a very useful companion.

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It glitters and glitters

06.12.2019 - Griffel Inside

Anyone following us on Instagram has already seen it: Yesterday we finally got our Pen & Co Christmas tree. From now on you will be greeted by colourful glittering baubles and glowing lights when you drop by our office.

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29.11.2019 - Showroom

Autumn is just beginning and suddenly you can open the first door of the Advent calendar. How did this happen? Yes, we ask ourselves that too? Cookies, gingerbread and co. have been in the supermarkets since September, but still the Advent season came faster than expected.

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