7 tips to make home office more pleasant

Week four in the home office has begun. Due to Coronavirus working at home has turned to everyone’s daily routine. The thought of sitting at your own desk all day long is not as exciting as it was in the beginning. But if you think about it, you have much more freedom at home to arrange your working day and workplace individually. Here I present you 7 tips to bring little pep into your home office everyday life.

1. The drink

It all starts with a good drink. A cup of coffee, tea or maybe a self-squeezed orange juice. Especially at home made with your own kitchen equipment, the smoothie tastes better. It makes you feel more awake and you can start your work day in a good mood. 

2. Your workplace

At home you can decide for yourself where you work. Whether you work on your desk, in the living room or even in the kitchen, it is up to you. For a little variety, it is also advisable to switch back and forth between a few places if the office chair becomes too uncomfortable. Finally, set up your work corner the way you feel comfortable.

3. The perfect work outfit

You can get through the working day pretty well in your favourite leisure outfit. Nevertheless, caution is advised here. If you have video calls more often, you should perhaps not necessarily appear in pyjamas. 

4. Taking breaks

Even if you are at home, the home office can still be exhausting. Short hikes to the balcony or even to the fridge help you clear your head. After all, a little snack in between doesn't harm anyone. For larger excursions you can take a walk around the block during your lunch break. Maybe you discover something new while strolling through the neighbourhood. 

5. Lifting the mood

If you're just sitting in front of a task that doesn't require you to make a phone call or use all your brain capacity, put on some music. What better way to do this than to rock back and forth to your favourite music while you are busy working on your computer. 

6. Keep calm and videocall

The workplace at home without your colleagues can seem quite lonely. Instead of just talking about your tasks via e-mail or text messages, try to video chat. Your colleague will surely just be as happy as you to see a face again rather than starring at a mobile phone.

7. The end of the day

Just because you're sitting in your home office, you still can have nice after-work hours. A cool and well-deserved drink and a nice little snack and you are ready to knock off work. You can enjoy the rest of the day alone or even better via video chat with your colleagues.