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A picture is worth a thousand words

This sentence applies today more than ever. In today's fast-moving world, no one has long enough time to read a text. Ideally, a picture can speak for an entire text.

The first glance of the potential reader falls on the picture and he knows immediately whether the text is interesting for him. Although this process occurs subconsciously, it can still be addressed directly by beautiful or well-placed pictures.

But what do images have to do with press releases? In a press release, an image should help the journalist to recognize connections as quickly as possible. In addition, an image can help the journalist to recognize and classify the content of a press release more quickly.

Another positive aspect is that pictures make everything clear. Whether it is the infographics for the press release or the pictures of dog biscuits baking. The fact is - through a picture a text comes to life and gets a recognition value. Infographics can help readers to analyse and interpret a study or research at a glance.

However, one should avoid intrusive photos, it is important to find and use a suitable image for a brand or its image. Bright colors and unrealistic editing look unsightly and make readers and journalists quickly switch off. For successful communication, the archetypes in the pictures are indispensable. In other words - it can help to address specific target groups by using archetypes. So that the target group can better identify with the picture.

Images also have a lot of power in PR and it makes sense to include a meaningful image in press releases to appeal to journalists or later readers. Perhaps pictures really do say more than a thousand words.