A race against time

HELP - Crisis! How often have we heard this expression? That's the way crises are and cannot be avoided. An additional hurdle is that digitization and the resulting networking of the world are spreading bad news many times faster. The fastest way to do this? No question - social media.

In our 4 insider tips, we'll tell you how you can use this communication tool cleverly and communicate about it, especially in times of crisis: 

Rule No. 1: Speed!

Because especially through social media channels, negative headlines spread much faster than wildfire. That's why it is extremely important to react quickly before confusing rumors start to spread. It's not important to have all the facts at hand, but to show your appreciation and send a signal that you have recognized the negativity and are working on it. 

Rule No. 2: Know-How

Crisis situations via social media require high communicative, technical, process-related, strategic, tactical and mental skills, which is why it is necessary to put the right experts to work. Also pre-designed emergency strategies for various crises can help the crisis management team against excessive demands and also play into the hands of time management. 

Rule No. 3: Communicate clearly 

Especially in times of crisis, there is usually an incredible amount of pressure and confusion. It is therefore particularly important to make clear and reassuring statements to the public. In order to additionally sort out the confusion and the stimulated emotions, it helps to name a clear crisis communicator who addresses the public as a representative of the company. 

Rule No. 4: Stay authentic!

In times of crisis, nerves lie bare everywhere and emotions go crazy! That is why it is all the more important to convey messages clearly, calmly, but above all authentically. An optimistic and friendly statement, calms the public at the same time and gives additionally confidence.

Don't forget, after a low there is usually a high and there are hardly any crises that you cannot tackle. Finaly don't bury your head in the sand - but tackle the situation with the right tools and become a Social Media King or Queen!