Being up to date as a job requirement

Topicality is the one of the most important keyword in public relations. As fast as social media and editorial offices pick up on current events and new trends emerge, we as a PR agency have to act as quickly as possible.

Words like news hijacking and agenda surfing are part of the daily routine of most PR consultants. Even though the two terms are often used as synonyms, they describe different aspects of public relations. 

News hijacking refers to jumping on current news to address topics that fit both the news and the message to be disseminated. In this case, constant monitoring of social channels and general news is required. Because there is no need to first arouse the interest of the broad masses, it is easier to stand out through content quality. Nevertheless, it should be noted that not every news item is suitable for distribution. Only a meaningful combination of topics leads to the desired effect.

Agenda Surfing, on the other hand, is somewhat less spontaneous, as it refers to longer lasting topics. Be it seasonal, like Christmas or Easter, or more general, like climate change activism. In most cases it makes sense to put together a calendar for that. Some media even publish their own plan of the planned topics, a perfect template to present the editors with the right topics at the right time. 

Both news hijacking and agenda surfing therefore serve to use existing public attention in order to place the news with the greatest possible effect. 

The client's industry is also important in this context. It can differ in sensitivity to current events on a regional, national or even international level. 

For us, this means, for example, paying attention to the daily changing gold price, observing information on the reduction of German VAT, or even waiting for the right moment when the media is ready to report on topics outside of Corona. Only those who are up to date can survive in the world of media and provide their customers with optimal service.