Christmas mood in the Advent calendar

The most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner again and scatters its full glory. Just imagine that you are a child again. You wake up in the morning, still a little sleepy, you slowly come to consciousness and outside it is snowing. Christmas joy comes up immediately, because: You can't wait to open the next door of your Christmas calendar.

But this experience is not only relevant for the little ones. Hardly anyone who has been allowed to experience this kind of joy forgets this and the connected magic. Such a kind of emotion must not be missing in PR of course, so that the most colorful Advent calendars are not missing here either! Today we will show you how such a PR strategy succeeds!

Tip 1: Use the right channels! Especially in the online and social media sector, the advent calendar can be implemented very well. With such an advent calendar you will appear daily on the feed of your followers. This makes sure that your followers will remember you sooner or later. 

Tip 2: Proceed strategically! As it is well known, it is always better to think through steps before you just stumble around aimlessly in the dark. Think of a superior theme for your advent calendar, which will also appeal to your followers. 

Tip 3: Variety is the key! Even though the Advent calendar should fit a certain theme, you also have to make sure that the gifts are different. Otherwise you run the risk of boring your target group.

Tip 4: All that glitters is not gold! There doesn't always have to be a material gift behind the "little doors". Funny or beautiful stories, which also fit the theme of the Advent calendar, are just as well suited for that. 

Tip 5: Raffles increase your activity and create a connection between you and your followers. Ask your followers to comment on your picture, link friends or share it in their stories. In this way you not only reach many people who don't even have to follow you, but also actively involve your followers in the action. 

In the end one thing counts: Don't forget to have fun with your advent calendar in addition to all these tips. This is the only way to create a festival of love for all! We at Griffel & Co. also love Advent calendars and enjoy making friends with others. Let's see which ideas are still in our heads...