Communication work and the measurement of their echoes

The demands on communication measures continue to increase daily and with them the necessary controlling. It should be noted that measuring success in marketing and PR is usually still a difficulty.

But what is the reason for this? 

Today's communication is becoming more versatile and transparent, and to keep up with it, you need to have proper content. This poses a particular challenge because the efficiency of management and PR functions is not directly linked to sales volume. This also increases the pressure for a meaningful measurement of success and the desire of both the managing director of a leading PR agency and the client to obtain meaningful data on media work. Statements are to be made about the performance, or rather about the effect and also success, of the communication work in relation to the investment made. In this way, contributions can be better controlled and budgets can be planned more optimally.

Such a kind of the success measurement can be Clippings, which seize all kinds at publication of the transacted medium work and analyze at the same time their range. These act as "scientific evidence" to express the quality and necessity of the communication measures in figures and, above all, enable clients to understand the sustainability of the individual publications and to assess what has been achieved. 

We at Griffel & Co. also rely on measuring the success of clippings and compile each individual publication for our clients. After all, no reward for hard media work should be missing. Finally, all clippings are summarized in a clipping report so that our customers can review and enjoy the successes in one go. 

In conclusion, it can be said that a detailed evaluation of the media work is not only pleasing, but also decisive and an essential part of the PR work.