Content, content, content!

But what does that mean anyway and how do you find optimized topics in content marketing? Content marketing is a permanent topic within the communications industry and is closely related to PR. We also preach permanently how important the right content is to reach your goals. That's why we would like to share with you our 5 insider tips for optimal content marketing.

Before we tell you our insider tips, you first have to ask yourself the question, who is actually the center of attention. The answer is clear - the customer including his problems and challenges. In the end, content marketing is always customer-centric. After all, companies and their employees are known to know every detail about their products, services and their service, but potential customers usually do not. 

Therefore, it is important to define your specific target group in detail, including all its challenges, in order to be able to produce content that is fundamentally appropriate.

But what are our secrets?

Secret Number One: Experts in the team

Content marketing is used to implement strategic goals, to announce innovations, to explain complex issues and to accelerate decision-making processes. For this purpose it is important to have internal experts for all communication topics, who also understand how to convey the content to potential customers in an understandable way.

Secret Number Two: Observe the industry and its competitors 

Especially when looking into the future, competitors in the industry can be real treasures and a real source of information and motivation. Finally, industry trends and competitor behavior make it easier to identify problems within the industry and filter out information that leads the way. 

Secret Number Three: Social Media

Social Media is today an indispensable communication medium and forms the basis of the main platforms of our communication today. By monitoring and managing social channels, it is particularly easy to identify current trends and, moreover, to get in touch with potential customers more directly. 

Secret Number Four: Google

Google is the most used search engine in the world. Google, like social media, is the ideal way to access relevant and filtered information. Because potential customers also use the search engine all too gladly and enable us to collect data in order to adapt contributions search-optimized.

Secret Number Five: Versatility

Only those who switch in a versatile way manage to reach their customers in a versatile way and find out which media type is best received by the focus group.

In the end, it's what counts: Simple topics as well as problems high-quality to work on, in order to make finally potential customers attentive on the enterprise.