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Corona virus and Business

Coronavirus is the headliner now. Not only do people get sick and die, but our stock’s are also affected. After it’s spread all over the world, Stock markets took the news semi constructive. This includes panic buying as well as funny situations, like offers for estate in exchange oft wo bottles of disinfectant.

But there are also some situations, that are a little more difficult. The US Stock, such as, experienced it’s biggest crash, since the crisis 2008. As scary as this may seem, this crash is not as big as it sounds. Though it is undergoing the greatest crisis since 2008, stocks are still higher now than last august. Experts recommend to just shut the tv for some time and not to panic over this corona hysteria. 


And even the way we used to work is getting influenced and changed. Small and big company‘s all over started to send their employes back at home at the slightest cough. Everybody, who didn't believe in their productivity at home prior to this situation is learning and lesson. And team leaders, who were frightened by the smallest absence regarding productivity are able to showcase their managing skills and even exceed company goals. 

Especially company‘s like Twitter, Microsoft and Amazon, who are exceptionally influenced by the Situation because of their size, are learning, that the Corona virus is effecting the way’s we work and that there are other possibility’s which may be even more effectin in tearms of company goals.