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Corporate Identity ? what is that actually?

Corporate Identity, or often just CI, simply means corporate identity. It is intended to define how the company presents itself and wants to be perceived, both externally and internally. This guarantees that the messages are not confusing, but uniform, and ultimately conveys a structured, credible corporate image. As a PR agency, it is of course important to take advantage of the benefits of a successful CI and use them for PR measures. What actually belongs to a corporate identity and which areas are relevant for us, we will introduce to you in today's blog post:

1. corporate culture
Customers often decide on their purchases not only according to the characteristics of the product, but also according to the image that the company and brand convey. The corporate culture refers above all to the values and ethical principles conveyed by the company. These are often derived from the characteristics and world views of the founders.

2. corporate behavior
Corporate Behavior describes how the company behaves towards the public. This includes things like leadership, the reaction to criticism or the appearance towards customers or partners. The price culture and the product lines and divisions also contribute to corporate behavior.

3. corporate language
The same language must be spoken! Of course, this is not about German, French or English, but much more about the formulation of internal and external communication. This starts with advertising measures and ends with the texts in the mailbox. This is especially true for us when writing press releases or other texts for our customers.

4. corporate design also corporate wear/look
The corporate design describes the visual appearance of a company. Through the design of logo, typography or colours, the company is not only perceived as a unit from the outside, but also from the inside. The elements of the Corporate Design can be used in different areas. Whether letterheads, product packaging or even as the head of a press release, logo and co. can create a visual recognition value. Our customer Kansas, THE Danish workwear specialist, is an expert in this field and has created a corporate look for the whole staff, because the clothing of the employees is also essential for a corporate identity. The two perfectly coordinated collections can be combined in any way and dress the workers uniformly but stylishly. Especially here in Germany, a corporate look is particularly important. Side by side, Evolve Industry, for industrial workers, and Evolve Craftsmen, for craftsmen, were created in collaboration with local companies. Because they often work together, Kansas offers the perfect solution for a corporate identity.

For us as a PR agency, it is of course essential that we adhere to and use our clients' corporate identity. Although the CI is decided by the companies, it is up to us to carry it out and get it into the media.