COVID-19 as digital accelerator of the decade

COVID-19 is holding the whole world firmly in its grip. The consequences of the pandemic are diverse, often negative, sometimes positive, not yet fully predictable, and are felt by everyone.One trend, however, is already standing out on a global scale: the acceleration of digitalization and digital communication.

Driven primarily by contact bans and restrictions, some of them still exist, digitalization in the workplace has taken an incredible leap in recent months. And this change has come to stay. Zoom, hangouts, Skype, screen sharing, and muting. All of the above have become normal buzzwords of everyday working life for most employees. A global study by cloud communications giant Twilio* has now found that COVID-19 has catapulted digital communications years ahead in almost every industry, worldwide. On average, digitalization strategies have been accelerated by six years. Germany is in second place with an impressive 7.2 years, only surpassed by Japan with 7.5 years. According to Twilio, this astonishing development can be attributed primarily to the unavoidable dismantling of obstacles to innovation within the company. In Germany, this was primarily due to a lack of expertise, the absence of a clear digitalization strategy, and deficits in technical support. As a result, an average of 3.5 new channels, such as live chats and video chats, have been added in order to stay in contact with clients and colleagues.In this category, German companies even rank first with an average of 4.7 new communication channels. This change has not stopped at the PR industry. The keyword here: Decentralized coordination of communication. At the moment it is more important than ever that the press receives relevant information promptly and above all in a coordinated manner. These familiar processes of PR work must now be adapted to journalists working from home, customers using video chat, briefings especially for telephone interviews and much more. We at Griffel&Co are also riding the wave of digital communications. Webcams on, video chat open, zoom installed, we are ready. 


Twilio interviewed more than 2,500 decision makers worldwide to assess the effect of COVOD-19 on the company's own digitization and communication strategy. The results were compiled in the "COVID-19 Digital Engagement Report":