Do good and talk about it!

Companies that donate to charitable causes often don't want to make a big fuss about it. Too often they hear that it's not about the cause itself, but only about profiling with charity. Even if it is a tightrope walk: companies should communicate donations openly, especially at Christmas time.

Greenwashing, pinkwashing or simply: PR stunt. Often, charitable donations and campaigns by companies come to nothing because they are not seen as credible. But this can be easily solved, because donating to charities and NGOs that are thematically close to the company have a much more authentic effect. A beverage company that campaigns for a better supply of clean drinking water is acting in its profession, but clearly not to its advantage.

In addition, companies should keep in mind that their communicative reach can help the charity in question and its cause. After all, charities compete with each other for attention and donations. So championing a cause can be done not only monetarily, but also through clever communication. Instead of just donating, the company then acts as a multiplier for the cause.

This year, Griffel & Co is once again donating to the women's shelter in Norderstedt. Women's shelters are an important place to go for women in need, but regularly struggle with space problems or underfunding. Especially in the Corona period, domestic violence increased, affecting overwhelmingly women. They, and possibly their children, need a safe place to go, reliable counseling and, most importantly, a roof over their heads. Without donations, women's shelters cannot help or reach their capacity limits even faster.

The work in women's shelters is complex; people from all walks of life and with sometimes dramatic biographies turn to them for help. We therefore want to support them and thank all those who work in or for women's shelters. We know how exhausting and difficult your work is, how hard the fates are that you are confronted with every day. Women's shelters are - unfortunately still - essential and therefore deserve our support to continue to be there for women in need in the future.