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Earned, Owned and Paid Medien – What’s that about?

Earned, Owned and Paid Medien – What’s that about?

Owned media:

The "Owned Media" describes the own media channels of a company. This includes all corporate media channels, such as the company website or blog. They are specifically published and controlled by companies themselves. A major advantage is that they have full control over these media. Only the company decides what is published in the "owned media" and what is not. In addition, the operation of these channels is more cost-effective than placing paid advertising. Unfortunately, readers often recognize this form of media as a message from the company and therefore sometimes do not rate the credibility very highly.

Earned Media:

Earned media, on the other hand, describes all content published by third parties. The most important thing here - it happens without payment. The content is created and published by journalists, bloggers and consumers without a commission from the company. To see all developments and successes in the "Earned Media" it is important to commission a media monitoring. The disadvantage, however, is that the company cannot influence the content and depends on what the authors of the articles write. Nevertheless, "Earned Media" is the best way to strengthen your own credibility and spread messages. Because readers do not have the feeling that the company is directly behind it, the messages are believed more quickly.

Paid Media:

Paid media describes all media that is paid for. This means the placement of advertisements, radio and television commercials and the like. The advantage is clear. The company has complete control over the content and form of the message and can exercise direct influence. "Paid media" are ideal for creating a fast, timely and wide reach. However, it only has a low credibility, as the reader also knows that the content is bought.

"Owned", "Earned" and "Paid Media" are three completely different areas, which have to be used in different ways. Each of the three types of media has certain advantages and disadvantages and depending on the company, a different use of these types makes sense.