Happy New Year: The most important PR trends for 2021

A turbulent year is drawing to a close: Despite a lot of sitting on the couch, no one can claim that 2020 was boring or unspectacular. PR was torn between communication in a permanent crisis and finding gaps in the steady Corona coverage. It is therefore worth taking a look at next year and already thinking about communication concepts that have potential.

A direct line to the target group is becoming increasingly important. In recent years, we have already seen how important it is to address your target group authentically if you want to communicate your content effectively. Any pandering, for example through greenwashing or ingratiation, is rejected more vehemently than ever. Through social media, the criticism of the actual contact persons is directly present and public. So if you want to establish a sustainably good communication channel, you can only achieve this by taking the respective target group seriously.

Texts will move more and more into the background. Videos that follow the usual platform logic and address the respective target group in short speeches are overtaking the classic PR message. However, one should not fall prey to the misconception that no one has patience or time for good content anymore. Podcasts are currently celebrating a renaissance, as the long conversation and interview format has its very own appeal. As a companion in the car or during tedious housework, podcasts have managed to establish themselves. What's more, in the meantime we also find well-known people among podcasters who function as brands. 

A good example is the NDR podcast with Christian Drosten, who explains the current corona situation as chief virologist of the Berlin Charit├ę. The current situation has certainly favored his podcast success, but also shows that there is definitely a large audience for longer formats. So anyone who manages to establish a customer as an expert platform in this field will have a reliable public in the long term.

In other industries, the topic of artificial intelligence has already been a long-running issue for years. At the beginning of the year, the dpa subsidiary news aktuell and Faktenkontor examined the relevance of AI in PR. And here, too, PR managers expect AI to be used heavily in the coming years. For example, in media monitoring, keywording, and success analysis and controlling. Everything that can be checked or processed by an algorithm could therefore be automated in the near future.