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How to deal with the press

If you work in the PR sector, then of course you also have a lot to do with the press. We provide journalists with up-to-date and new information. To make sure that the information get to the press, you should bear in mind to deal with journalists in a correct way.

You should always inquire in advance what the journalist is reporting about and what topics he or she is dealing with. After all, the information that you offer him or her must also fall within his or her area of responsibility. This also increases the chance that the journalist will be interested in the topic. It's good if you can provide up-to-date information at an early stage. The most important thing is the quality of the information. A qualitative and current topic, concisely packed. A good story with enough information and good pictures, which the journalist can also check. Once you have made some contacts, you should continue to cultivate them. That way, the journalist will also remember you. So the journalist should always be up to date with the current state of his own company and invitations to events are also an advantage.