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Malt Initiative for freelancers - How Malt supports freelancers

Work in times of Corona. Every day new restrictions are passed to slow down the spread of the virus. Every day companies have to adapt new to the situation. While some work relaxed in their home office, others must now fear for their jobs. Freelancers and self-employed workers have been affected badly. What do you do when there are no more orders?

The digital freelancer marketplace Malt has founded three exciting initiatives to actively support its freelancers and self-employed in these times. On an information page about COVID-19 freelancers can inform themselves extensively which rights and claims they have if, for example, orders are no longer coming in. They can also find out about the financial support that the state offers them.

In order to kill time behind the desk, Malt has made its Malt Academy accessible for everyone. Anyone who would like to upskill themselfs is welcome to receive free education. The webinars are planned and carried out by Malt employees and other freelancers in order to exchange mutual knowledge and experiences.

And if you are registered as a freelancer with Malt, please add the hashtag #ReadytoHelp to your profile. Even you can support the health sector. Affected institutions can contact you if they need support in updating websites, preparing information or creating e-health apps.