Optimal public presence through media training

The right media contact is not only the be-all and end-all for an authentic appearance in public, but also forms a decisive leadership qualification within the corporate world today. However, this can only succeed with optimal preparation.

Media appearances usually serve to bring the face and voice of a company to the public and to use the opportunity to make this more tangible, to create a positive image and to publish special company news. Modern appearance formats such as interviews, podcasts, speeches or talk shows in front of camera, audience or the web are preferred. 

But this type of publication also holds a multitude of pitfalls and makes adequate preparation indispensable. The wrong sound, critical non-verbal behavior or unclear expressions can damage the image in the long run.

That's why we reveal our secret tips to you...

By small attentions like a neutral gesture and Mimik as well as a clear-deute way of speaking or the eye contact to the leading reporter already some is done. Particularly clear and concise statements make it easy for the addressee to understand them completely and keep them in mind.

The best preparation, however, is intensive media training with an expert from a different field. This expert should have some experience in the media field, but not be too deeply involved in the technical terminology in order to be able to ask generally understandable and critical questions in the interest of the public. Because he can understand in the best sense, which technical language is understood by the public. In the end, the trainer refines the rhetoric and the appearance under real conditions and gives the interviewee the chance to leave a positive and lasting impression. 

This was also the case with our client SUND Holding, who was given a thorough "grilling" by our managing director Janine Griffel this week in order to shine in upcoming interviews.