PowerPoint: It's that simple

In today's working life, programs such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel are indispensable. We often have to prepare presentations for our customers and new clients. Not only the content of a presentation is important, but also the structure and aesthetics of your PowerPoint play an important role. After all, PowerPoint is there to support the content to be presented and to convey it to the listener better. Therefore, you should pay attention to certain things when creating a PowerPoint.

The arrangement of the slides starts with the design. You should think carefully about which design and what colour is perfect for your own topic or company. In the slide master you can create a suitable template individually. Of course, you can also use a design template from PowerPoint itself, but people remember more an individually designed presentation that stands out. This should be done right at the beginning so that you don't have any problems with formatting afterwards. In the header and footer you should also add the date and slide page. And if you like, you can also have the time displayed.

When the slide design is finished, one can start with the design of the individual slides. With the different tools you can let your creativity run free. For example, there are shape tools or the SmartArt graphic, if you want to insert shapes, diagrams, tables or even flow charts. For your texts you should not use the standard fonts like Calibri if possible. Try out which font fits the design and is easy to read. It is up to you whether you use continuous text or key points. Use what supports the content best, but do not stuff the slides with too much text. You can also change the transitions of the slides. A gliding transition looks more pleasant and fluid. 

Even though there are many nice tools to work with and insert, you should be careful not to clutter the individual slides. A slide on which too much is happening, nobody will look at it carefully anymore.