PR consulting: 1 job- 1000 tasks

But what exactly does a PR consultant do? Public relations is the be-all and end-all for passing on a sustainable image building to his target group.

PR consultants support all types of companies and take on the challenges that come with it.  As a PR consultant you never get bored, because you are not only a consultant, but also an advertising copywriter, manager and graphic designer in one. Whether advising clients, planning and organizing strategies or events, or writing the right press releases - a good PR consultant is a real all-rounder. 

In order to be able to meet the new challenges that arise every day, a degree or vocational training is helpful, but nothing can beat real work experience! After all, even among PR consultants, no one is born a master. 

The everyday work of a consultant is colourful and the telephone never stands still, because once you have completed a task, you immediately start juggling with new problems. After all, a large number of measures must be taken to create the right image of a customer.

A suitable image building differs from customer to customer and is considered a true masterpiece. Starting with the first impression of the company, the definition of an optimal corporate mission statement, the determination of the final image building process, the final target group definition and the coordinated communication concepts - the PR consultant is firmly involved in the entire process and is the main actor in the concept building process. 

In the end, every day of a PR consultant is different and even an experienced consultant never stops learning. However, an open-minded team communication and close cooperation with the respective company is always a great base for the optimal PR campaign.