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PR during the corona crisis

Corona continues to keep the economy on its toes. Shops and businesses are closing down, companies have to apply for short-time work. Almost daily you can read those reports. But how is the situation in the PR industry?

Like everyone else PR agencies are also struggling at the moment. Clients leave and orders get cancelled. Employees have to do their work in their home offices. But if agencies do not have the right equipment for home office, working at home is quite difficult. Problems after problems.

But PR agencies can still use the corona crisis as an opportunity, for example by acquiring new customers. There are enough companies that need now support in crisis communication. Communication is very important right now. Every day people follow the latest horror reports and that's exactly where you should report on pleasant events. For example how do companies support the local community, other people or each other? Who are the heroes of the crisis? How do I set up the perfect home office? All the positive news take at least a bit of the emotional distress away from us and give us hope again.