Resourcify digitises waste management

Waste is supposedly the biggest problem of our generation. Where to put all this garbage? This question is currently being asked by quite a few people. Our client Resourcify offers an answer.

Resourcify takes on the challenge of waste management by digitizing and simplifying waste management processes with the help of software. The platform connects companies and waste disposal companies to digitize the steps of waste disposal, so that it is easier to get started in the recycling business. Waste disposal companies are brought together with their customers and waste-producing companies are helped to properly dispose of the waste produced through offers from disposal companies or buyers and to recycle it if necessary.

The idea behind this is simple - many types of waste, especially copper and hard plastic, can be reused or even resold instead of being disposed of. Resourcify therefore supports more than 200 waste fractions and optimizes waste and recyclables management. The company makes money out of waste and also protects the environment.

Resourcify's goal is to digitize waste management so that even large companies can establish sustainable and cost-effective waste and recyclables management. The software simplifies the processes and all waste and recyclables take the right disposal route. It offers seamless management of all waste and recyclables management processes, displays locations and manages waste collection and disposal.

We will help Resourcify to conquer the market step by step and increase the awareness of the software. That's why we will be hitting the keyboards and not letting the phones stop! We want to make Resourcify a permanent topic in the most important media in Germany.