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Safety first in the office

Safety measures are currently the be-all and end-all of our society. It is important to minimize the risk of Coronavirus infection. Not only in the supermarket or on buses and trains it is important to stick to the precautions, but also in the office. Since home office is not possible in every profession or the team decides to work from the office, you should make sure that you can comply with the safety measures beforehand.

Probably one of the most important things is to maintain hygiene. In any case, the employer should make sure that disinfectants, water, soap, paper towels and also a closed bin are available. In addition, hygiene rules should be established, such as not shaking hands or hugging, washing your hands every two hours and coughing in the crook of your arm. On top of that, you should definitely stay at home as soon as you show any symptoms of illness, even if it is just a cold. 

A large office is also important, as the safety distance must be kept. Two metres between each workstation. And a large office also makes it easier to avoid each other. For rooms such as the lunch room, for example, there should be additional rules to ensure that not everyone uses it at the same time. Cordinated breaks are definitely sensible here. Everybody gets a certain time for their break, to which you have to stick.

Furthermore, it is wise to create a cleaning plan or hire someone to wipe the surfaces after office hours, as the virus can also stick to surfaces for up to a few days. Last but not least, one can also consider whether to wear protective clothing, i.e. masks or even gloves.