Small and medium sized enterprises in social networks

Social networks have become an integral part of our everyday life. New apps are introduced into the market every day - from Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram and now TikTok.

All these apps have billions of users, most of whom are active on a daily basis. Precisely because of this huge reach it's no wonder that most companies are registered on at least one network. For example, 94 percent of all German companies are represented on Facebook.  

For large companies a social media presence pays off. Postings about campaigns, promotions, and company news reach a great amount of people and online targeting allows for connection with exactly the right people. 

But what is the situation for SMEs?

As a survey by “Gelbe Seiten”* shows, small and medium-sized companies are hardly noticed on these portals. For example, 33.3 percent of consumers say they consider the presence of SMEs to be low, while 7.6 percent see no presence at all. 

This drastic difference between large companies and SMEs is mainly due to the posting of the wrong kind of content or information that is irrelevant to the customer. 

After all, SMEs should by no means orient themselves to the social media activities of large companies. 

The survey showed that information on existing offers and products, new products and services, as well as current opening hours are particularly desired. 

Other topics relevant to customers of SMEs include additional offers, as well as sales and campaigns. Due to current events, information on hygiene regulations is also particularly requested.   

In order to achieve the greatest possible success, social media requires constant editing and updating, also in the case of SMEs with possibly small accounts. In addition, the same content should be packaged in different ways for the different platforms. 

We at Griffel&Co. provide our small and medium-sized customers with advice and support in this respect.