The 5 PR Trends 2020

It seems as if New Year was only yesterday, but 2020 has now reached half time. That's why we want to summarize five PR trends that have accompanied us in 2020 and will continue to do so.

Emotional and authentic- customer loyalty through story telling

It has been proven that advertising and advertisements are accepted better when they tell a story. When a message is wrapped in a story, the consumer can make a better connection between the brand and the target audience. The trick is to wrap the message emotionally.

Video trend on the rise

The TikTok app particularly has been booming for about two years. Instead of pictures, videos are now in great demand. Whether you upload a video or start a live stream. Whereby live streams enable authentic interaction with the audience.

Good content

We live in an age in which people are beginning to question a lot. Right now on climate change we are starting to think more about the products we buy. Meanwhile, it is positive when a company expresses its views on red-hot and political issues. An empathic appearance brings closeness to the customer and the public. 


Even in 2020 the topic of influencers is not out of the world. Only this time, the focus is more on naturalness, emotions and authenticity. Less Photoshop and posed pictures.  Also micro-influencers are more in demand than macro.  

Personalization of the brands

People are no longer satisfied with just seeing the brand. They want to know who's behind it. Not only founders, managing directors and chairmen should show themselves, but also employees who have made a difference within the company.