The development of the home office

You can't even hear it anymore, but Corona is and will probably be a companion of our everyday life for quite some time. The effects are extremely diverse. The acceleration of digitization has gone hand in hand with a change in German opinion about the home office.

Our client, the international university IUBH, conducted a study on the question of the home office before, during and after the Corona crisis. 

For this purpose 550 persons from different management levels were interviewed. 

And the following was found out: *

Before the crisis, the home office was more of an option that was available at around three-quarters of companies, but was not used very often by Germans. In this country, people like it more traditional. At least until Corona arrived. 

Due to hygiene regulations and other regulations within the last months, in many places one was more or less forced into the home office. 

Many people were positively surprised by this forced change: more than 72 percent of those surveyed said that they basically liked working from home. 

The positive aspects behind this statement are broadly diversified. More than 60 percent agreed with the statement to work more self-determined and even more efficiently from the home office. Furthermore, the majority of the participants recognized both more free time by eliminating the need to travel to work and savings by cooking more at home instead of eating in a cafeteria. 

Looking to the future, almost half (42 percent) of all respondents believe that there will be more opportunities for the home office in German offices. A proud 50 percent would even go so far as to demand a right to a home office. 

Of course, we at Griffel&Co were also afraid of the PC in our own four walls for a while. And even if it was an interesting experience, we are still happy to be sitting with our colleagues in the agency again. Cohesion and communication is still difficult to convey via a web cam. 

* Source: Home Office Study 06-2020 - Career Partner Group