The different sides of the print media

Do you already know the latest news from the wood furniture industry? Probably not yet, but we will tell you of course.

The reason for this - the wide range of different media types and their results, which can be achieved with them from a PR point of view. A variety of factors play a role, such as the characteristics of the readership, the other topics of the medium, or the time intervals between publications.Moreover, it is not only important to consider whether the company is regional or international, or in which industry it is located. It is often decided individually on the basis of the message to be sent, which medium is most suitable.

But now let's be clear, what types of print media are there? Everyone knows them, not everyone loves them - the regional and local media. News here must definitely have a regional reference. It is also easy to see who is reading the news or in which region it is being read. Daily and weekly media can appear in both regional and national formats. For these media, what counts most is the topicality of the news. In addition, a very broad mass is reached, which in most cases can be an advantage.

One of the largest sections includes the public media. These include print magazines, illustrated magazines, women's and lifestyle magazines, news magazines or even business magazines. The general topics of the individual medium are already defined here. For an ideal placement of the news, it is therefore important to keep an eye on the topic plans in detail.

Finally, there are the trade media. These are particularly suitable for positioning the company or person as an expert or creating awareness for a specific topic. The target group for these media is similarly specific as for the local media, only that it is topic- or branch-related. 

 In summary: Keep your eyes open when choosing a media!