The media's very own time zone

Gingerbread and marzipan in September? The annual sight in the supermarket surprises again and again. However, if you work within the media industry, such time shifts are something quite normal.

Take our customer ManoMano, the online DIY portal, for example. With products from the outdoor and furnishing sector, seasonal adjustments are particularly important. And a lot of lead time is needed to ensure that the brochure, article or DIY tips reach the end consumer in good time, i.e. at the beginning of each season. 

The reason for this is the great amount of work that goes into creating such a product. Often, not only several people are involved, but even different service providers. These include a PR agency, graphic designers and also copywriters. In addition, the product not only passes through many different hands, but may also have to go through several correction loops. 

Back to ManoMano. This year's autumn dossier had to be ready for the media on time at the end of August. So it was quite clear that we had to start working on the first drafts at the beginning of August. And so we sat at our desks at 30 degrees and searched for the most cuddliest blankets, the most beautiful candles and the cosiest sofas. 

If it's not such obvious topics like the seasons, Christmas, Easter or similar, the so-called agenda surfing helps. For this purpose, the media's theme plans, which are determined in advance, are inspected in order to provide the editorial offices and journalists with relevant content at the right time, if possible. Here, too, a lot of lead time has to be planned in, of course. 

So, it is sometimes strange to deal with the trends and topics of winter in late summer, but to see the result at the right time in the right place is always worth it!