The perfect preparation for a pitch

Everyone working in communication can will have to face it sooner or later: Giving a pitch. This task is usually done when dealing with new customers. A pitch represents a chance to show our customers all of our creative ideas and strategies that we have in mind for them. We at Griffel & Co will show you how exactly a pitch and its preparation take place, plus what you need to keep in mind when working on one.

Before the preparation for the pitch can begin, the customer usually gives us a briefing. The Briefing contents what the customer expects and wants. This is when the actual work, our own ideas, starts.  Enough chocolate and Coffee can help in this process. 

For the actual pitch there are some things that you have to keep in mind. One of the most frequent mistakes is to give too much information at once. Never forget: It is better to give only few but important and relevant information at the right times. 

A good selling hack will always be storytelling. A good story will help get your listeners engaged in your presentation and the concentration will turn into actual interest. 

If you want to be sure of the presentation, you can always get external feedback from someone. Often people from outside can help a lot and support you by giving honest feedback. 

All in all: The right preparation and know-how will make  you perform the best pitch ever.