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Tips for a successful online meeting

Even in times of Corona there are possibilities to arrange meetings from the home office. Via video calls from the home office, meetings with colleagues can continue to take place or presentations for customers can be held. Many things can often be clarified more easily and quickly via video chat. But before you really get started with online meetings, there are a few things you should consider.

1. The equipment

First of all, it should be ensured that employees have the necessary equipment for video conferencing for example tools like a laptop or even a PC with a webcam. A good Internet connection is also very important! Delayed transmission or pixelated images not only disturb colleagues, but more importantly, the clients as well. 

2. The number of people

Meetings over video calls can often be a bit chaotic. Especially if there are far too many participants in the conference. Therefore, you should consider in advance who you invite. For whom is the information particularly important and relevant?

3. The agenda

Often it is also very helpful to send an agenda for the meeting to the participants in advance. Then everyone knows what it is all about and can prepare themselves for it. This way, you can prepare well for upcoming discussions on the topics or maybe you can contribute your own good ideas.

4. The time frame

Before each meeting you should think about a precise time window so that colleagues and customers can accommodate this in their daily routine, because not everyone can take a whole day off for a meeting. In addition, a time frame also helps to stay focused on the topic and you don't digress so easily.

5. Rules of the conversation

In videocalls it is often hard to get the chance to speak. For a successful communication a few rules can be very helpful. For example, you could define speech proportions, or participants should not be interrupted. The rules can also be discussed and defined with your colleagues.

6. The video conference provider

Last but not least you should choose the right provider and test it. It is important to make sure that the provider also has all the functions you need, such as screen sharing for presentation. Very good providers are for example Microsoft Teams, Whereby, Google Hangouts or also Zoom. 

With all these tips the online meeting should definitely succeed!