Turning negative news into positive messages

Everyone of us knows them and can confirm that they are not very popular. Bad news has probably already been brought to every person in the world and everyone knows that it cannot be avoided.

The same applies to the PR industry, where news like Shitstorms is not uncommon. At some point, everyone is confronted with bad news or, in the worst case, even has to deliver it themselves.

But how you can get it across professionally or even in a positive way, we will tell you with our five insider tips.

Tip number 1: Collect then act

Before any action strategy or even a way of action is determined, it is important to bundle all important and relevant information. Only when all facts have been established and put into perspective, it is possible to relate them to each other. All W questions must be answerable and important numbers must be firmly anchored in the mind. It is not allowed to go into public or to talk to a given recipient in advance. 

Tip number 2: Stand up to the mistakes

Also the public is meanwhile tired of hearing lengthy and encrypted error explanations. Clear and authentic confessions and an honest sense of responsibility can have a lasting positive effect on the company's image. At the same time, it is easier to internalize the actual message in this way. Because the public will appreciate honest transparency and not feel lied to, as is often the case.

Tip number 3: Timing

"Timing is everything!" So they say and this is also the case in communication. But finding the right timing is not so easy, because even within crisis communication the right time depends on the type of crisis. But one thing is very important - and that is that the addressee of the message is informed first. For example, when a business floor is cancelled, the people affected should not be informed in advance by the media.

Tip number 4: No hide and seek game

This is especially true if the crisis is already known. It is important to uncover all relevant facts to protect your own authenticity. A hide and seek game of facts only makes the public suspicious and damages the company's reputation for a long time. This is because it means taking responsibility and making the image appear even better in the long run. 

Tip number 5: Show your humanity

In the end, we are all just one thing - people! Already in the basic understanding the belief is anchored that it is okay to make mistakes and this is even inevitable. In the same way it is necessary to act in crises and especially in such moments to speak out of humanity, with all its sympathy and positivity. This influences the entire public view of the company as well as the situation that has occurred. In summary, this is the decisive tip to turn a negative message into a positive message.

One thing is clear, managing a crisis or conveying a negative message is no easy task! However, with a considered approach, the "worst" can perhaps even be transformed into the "best".