Use the marketing highlight Black Friday properly

Percentages here and special offers there: We all know the seemingly infinite offers that are just waiting for us around the corner as soon as we pass mid-November. For passionate shoppers this time is like heaven on earth.

Yet for businesses the actual showdown against all competitors starts. Only with creative and thoughtful strategies, you can stand out against all the other brands and offers. You’re wondering how? We’ll show you. 

1. Collect E-Mail News Letter Followers

Especially in Black Friday sales the importance of e-Mail Marketing should not be underestimated. Try to get as many E-Mail News Letter followers as possible. These people are especially only interested in your offerings and therefore your best chance for sales!

2. Timing is everything.

With creative time management you can catch customers attention easy. And the best thing about it? It works in both ways!

Option 1: You’re the early bird and you guaranteed will catch the worm if you start your Black Friday Marketing earlier than the Rest of the competitors!

Option 2: You simply wait until all the Black Friday Sales Chaos is history and then when no one else is still on the Black Friday Trip, you can grab the attention of customers when bringing if back like in midst December. 

3. Use the effect of surprise!

Another strategy that will surely work is to surprise your customers by not giving them all the information of what they will get at your store, but simply let them be curious. Being happily surprised, your brand will stay in their memory. 

4. Offer more than simple percentages. 

Why stick to traditional and boring percentages when you could give your customers a little bit more? Promise them extra benefits of shopping at your place by shipping for free or passing out bonus points.

With these Tipps, you can definitely not only survive the chaotic challenge of Black Friday, but make it your game!