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Using Christmas bustle properly for PR

It's barely a week until Christmas Eve. The Christmas stress is rampant, everyone is running their last errands and the Christmas markets are almost overflowing with visitors. But how can you use all this, but somehow contemplative, hustle and bustle for PR?

1. proposed topics between the years
Between Christmas and New Year's Day the editorial offices are very sparsely populated, so the reworked journalists are grateful if they receive suggestions for topics. However, this applies more to daily newspapers. Most magazines have planned their content months in advance, in December they already deal with summer topics again, maybe it is a good time to suggest exactly these?

2. timing is important
It is best to start planning your Christmas content early. Ideally, you should start doing this in the summer, even if it seems strange to suggest Christmas themes in the summer heat. Of course, Christmas themes can also work in early December.

3. acquisition at the end of the year
In many companies there is still money available at the end of the year, money that has to be spent before the end of the year. Otherwise, the budget could be reduced in the following year. You can make good use of this. For example, you should make a lot of acquisitions at the end of the year, maybe one or two new customers will come along?

4. cultivate networks and say thank you for gifts
Especially at Christmas it is often the case that agencies, customers or even journalists send small Christmas presents. The important thing is that when you receive a gift, a "thank you" is always in order. In return, you should try to send as many relevant contacts as possible in order to do good networking. In addition, sending and receiving small gifts increases the Christmas spirit.