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Why trade fairs are so important

No sooner does the new year begin, than a lot of planning begins. This is not only about creating new content for our customers. No ? there are also many trade fairs to be planned. Why is that so important?

Trade fairs and exhibitions are an important form of presentation for our customers even in the digital age. No matter whether B2B or B2C trade fair, at trade fairs you can stage yourself, get in touch with people and build up a good image.

It is therefore not uncommon for large sums of money and a lot of planning to be invested in precisely these trade fairs, so it is very important to structure the PR work before and after the trade fair correctly. Since almost every trade fair is the biggest and best, it is very important from the beginning to find the right one for the customer. At the same time, it is incredibly difficult to keep track of the mass of trade fairs, because there is actually a trade fair or exhibition for every industry.

Our first job is therefore to gather information about the possible suitable trade fairs.

What are the possibilities for a company to present itself there?
What does participation cost?
What does it cost and how big is a stand?

If the right trade fair is found, the registrations are sent out and the participation can be made public. From here on, the actual planning of the trade fair can begin. Editors must be made aware of the company or the trade fair participation. The earlier this happens, the better. Because the sooner the journalists have been invited for interviews, the more likely it is that they will have time and space in the corresponding magazine issue.

Press kits are then packed for these journalists, and these should contain all the basic information about the company so that the editors can get an overview. However, when packing the press kits, the most important thing is: Better too many than too few! No editor should go away empty handed, and who knows, maybe one or the other will drop by without an invitation. After the fair, editors should not be lost sight of. In other words, just call or send an e-mail and ask how they liked the company or event, whether they still need information and so on. Sometimes it helps to simply remember.

In general, however, trade fairs can have an incredibly wide reach and you can reach many different people and media. So it is better to invest a little more time in planning and make the trade fair an unforgettable experience.