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02. August 2019

Apple or Windows?

The question of whether Apple or Windows should rule in the office, is a question in every company. The question is so justified.

There should always be only one operating system in a company. For compatibility between each system. We have only Apple products. Everything works smoothly. However, if you decide to write a graphic or text at home on the Windows machine - it shatters all the work when transferring the file from Windows to Apple.

How to find the right system?

Either you are Team Apple or Team Windows - that's how you decide. Did you grow up with a Mac? Then you implement Apple in the company. Minesweeper or Pinball played on Windows as a kid? Here we go with the windows machine. It remains the unsolved controversy of our time. It's best to load Linux on the PC and it's good.

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Since the invention of letterpress printing in 1450 by Johannes Gutenberg, print media have developed rapidly. At first there were only books, later newspapers, journals and magazines were added.