Beauty Tips for Christmas

Beside books and gift certificates, cosmetics is one of the favorite Christmas gifts. But the choice is huge, so good advice helps enormously. Here are the best gift ideas for family and friends from our agency.

Rose quartz skin roller

Rose quartz skin rollers have a long tradition in Far East Asian countries. They are said to have a great anti-aging effect on the skin, have a decongestant effect and make the complexion glow. Rollers with two rolls, one large and one small, are best. Large areas such as the forehead can be quickly rolled off with the large part, for more sensitive areas small rolls give you better precision.

Suitable for the season: a hot bath

Bath additives and cold baths are an ideal gift for Christmas. When it's cold and stormy outside, there are few things better than a long, drawn-out bath. Bath additives can also do your skin some good, relaxing and nourishing at the same time.

Face pads with hyaluron

Special face pads with hyaluron help against frown lines. The acid is an important part of the connective tissue and can store a lot of water. Thus, it plays a key role in slowing down cell aging. Conveniently, it comes in the form of simple pads that, when used regularly, smooth, tone and relax the forehead area.

Nail polish that does not stress the nails

A beautiful nail polish can be the icing on the cake for a good outfit. Therefore, a new color is always a good gift. There are also polishes that are free of harmful ingredients and let your nails breath, so the color does not stress the nail. So you don’t just gift a new look, but also better nails in the long term.

For those who already have everything: a new cosmetic bag

Beauty things accumulate over time and sometimes you do not even know what the other person likes. A new cosmetic bag is therefore always a smart idea. Because it will bring joy every time your friend goes out and can take her most important utensils in a chic little bag gifted by you.