Bye Bye Griffel

And bang! are three months gone. The sense of time was somewhat impaired during the past months anyway, but my time as an intern at Griffel & Co. has now really faded away.

For me, this marks the end of a very instructive time. Starting with the introduction to the world of public relations with writing and distributing press releases, following up with editors by phone, filing clippings or even developing a longer-term PR strategy. 

And all this in very different industries - from automotive, to online DIY stores, to recycling portals. General knowledge was therefore never neglected. In addition, there were the weekly tasks of blog writing and social posting. The operation of the printers and coffee machine was also very important.

Besides these hard skills, I also learned a lot about the most suitable writing style, the perfect telephone slang and the importance of timing. 

And what now? For the next three months, I will barricade myself behind my desk, bury myself in literature and analyze data to finally get my bachelor thesis in my hands.

Bye Bye Griffel, thanks for delicious team lunches, for a lot of laughter, for a lot of dog love and even more input and experience.