Cute, lovely and probably quite hairy

It is quite not imaginable to picture a life without animals. They are around us in all possible kinds and colors. They wake us up in the morning, we drink their Milk in our coffees and cuddle with them when we get home from work in the evening. They are part of our daily lives.

Even though each animal is special and lovely in its own way, we at Griffel & Co are one 100% positive that dogs are a blessing. Undoubtedly, you can tell that our whole team is a huge fan of doggos. Charly and Ari are our highly appreciated French bulldogs. In their way they aren’t only part of our day but actually make it. They carry the team spirit in their little paws and make sure everyone is involved.  

Our yearly summer tradition involves a swimming pool and ice cream for dogs just to give Ari and Charly a bit of a refreshment during the hot days. 

During the winter times Ari and Charly like to cuddle on our sofa and help us get through the days. 

The mental support that we receive from these two cuties is needed and makes them the most relevant and important employees of our office. They keep us smiling and laughing while they give us attention and a whole amount of loyalty. As being part of our families, we should appreciate and thank our pets for all the things they do for us. 

We at Griffel & Co are happy to have Charly and Ari by our sides to make the office life a bit more adventurous. Without you work wouldn’t be half as fun!