Destination number 1: Germany - How to use your vacation in your own country as a side income

The year 2020 has put a lot of constraints on all of us. Especially the travel industry suffers from the consequences of the pandemic. This means for travel enthusiasts: Vacation in Germany. As a result, many Germans discovered how relaxing and easy it can be to travel by car in their own country.

Involuntarily Germany became the most popular travel destination. Coastal regions such as the North and Baltic Seas and the Bavarian Alps were often crowded and well visited. The requests for vacation in Germany were high. This year, many Germans continue to consider their home country as a very popular travel destination. This has changed the travel behavior and spontaneity was in demand. Going on vacation by car at short notice and in a relaxed manner became the preference.

The Hamburg-based software company ONLOGIST is Europe's only provider of a smart solution for the growing vehicle transfer market. The company brokers more than 400,000 transport orders annually to several thousand registered service providers. Every day, numerous vehicle transfers are offered on the platform. You can also use this to your personal advantage. To register as a driver, nothing is necessary except a valid driver's license.

Flexible time management in the working day resulta as creative free time

Sven and Diana have taken advantage of this as self-employed vehicle transporters: "We can drive as much as we want and at any time that suits us. We are not tied to fixed hours," Diana says.

Since they can schedule their workdays however they want, they took the opportunity to combine their job with their free time. After a transfer trip to Berlin, they simply dropped off the car and started their weekend trip in Berlin from there. So the two could easily save the travel costs and even received money for the transfer. The return trip can of course also run through a transfer drive. 

A spontaneous short vacation at the weekend does not require much planning and provides deceleration. A concert on Saturday evening in Dresden, a wellness weekend in Hanover or a cultural vacation in Cologne. All this is possible thanks to flexible time management and creative leisure activities. It also ensures a good work-life balance.

The willingness to travel is there, the car is ready and the trip is paid? So the only thing missing is the destination!