Internal synergies are key for good PR work

The world gets more and more connected. This is relevant for companies, their mission and therefore for their communication strategies. This makes using experience from different industries fundamental.

A lot of companies expand vertically or horizontally during their time. This changes the aspects of PR that is being done for these companies. Especially start-ups can change according to early success or wishes of investors, and reorient themselves or focus on a different aspect of their market. This makes a good exchange with your customers essential for good PR work, so that changes can be noticed immediately and services can adjust to new situations.

But even within a PR agency are different industries that can help each other. For example if there are several companies from the plastics industry, like here at Griffel. In this case the work happens at different stages of the same market. Exactly there good communication solutions can be effective, if similarities are recognized and targeted.

Sustainability for example is a topic that went to the forefront of media discourse in recent years. Companies that developed clever ideas for their waste or emission problem are especially suited to be presented in the media. And on the side of media outlets, magazines, TV shows and journalists have focused on this topic and spezialized themselves. Good connections to these outlets and media players can therefore also be useful for customers, who otherwise would not be relevant for them.

At Griffel a constant exchange of experience and ideas within the agency is the reason, why these possibilities are recognized and contacts are shared between each other. Customers profit from this, because they will have new options to develop their communication strategy. A fundamental part of a good PR agency is a culture of exchanging ideas, so that synergies can help everybody.