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one day as an intern at Griffel & Co

The subway is, as always, relatively empty, some look at their mobile phones, others read a book. The next stop is Borgweg, my still somewhat tired self slowly makes its way to the door. A new day at Griffel & Co is approaching. I wonder what to expect again today? When I look back on the last few months, no day was like the other, everyone has something new in store.

When I arrive, some of my pen colleagues are already there. I sit down on my seat and turn on the screen. New mails are waiting for me, Kansas on the website of the Deutsche Handwerkszeitung, the request of a journalist or the newsletter of a magazine. Whatever it is, it becomes my first task of the day.

Sometimes something from yesterday is left behind and sometimes the consultants have something I can help you with. Today I have a dinner for journalists. For this, journalist sheets have to be written, press kits have to be packed and a lot has to be organized. Sometimes stress is also part of our job, but you just can't let it get you down. On the way to the goal, not everything always runs smoothly. Numerous correction loops later, however, it is done and everything is ready for dinner.

13:00 hrs - Lunch break Sometimes sooner, sometimes later everyone gathers in the kitchen. Today we cook together. There is pasta with pesto, but pimped, as Janine would say. Rucola, chicken breast, tomatoes and pine nuts, there's something for everyone. The conversations at the lunch table are always the best, there is a lot of laughter and some people would even say that we forget about work for a short moment.

But nothing there, in the afternoon it is time to contact journalists. Telephoning is not easy for me, but it helps me to jump over my own shadow and forces me to leave my comfort zone. And lo and behold, success is worth it.

Now I'm sitting here and writing this blog post. This is also one of our tasks as a practitioner and I personally always enjoy it very much. Once the blog post is uploaded, the day is almost over. Then we all go to our well-deserved end of the day and say goodbye until the next morning.

The subway is, as always, relatively empty and I ask myself: What can I expect tomorrow?

If you've gotten the urge to join a crazy team, want to learn something new every day and enjoy laughing, then become part of our team, because we're looking for PR interns again. You can find more information under Career.